October 21, 2017

Today more than ever, women are pushing for change and social justice. We are becoming unified and empowered. Slowly, progress is being made in the pursuit of true social, political and economic equality worldwide. It may seem contradictory, but the greatest obstruction to this movement is women themselves.

As a young woman, I see girls in fierce competition every single day, as that's how society teaches us to act. This leads to girls tearing each other down constantly. We call each other derogatory names if we're too successful, or if we're not successful enough. We whisper about each other in the hallways of our high schools. We feel entitled to know about and judge every detail of each other’s lives: nothing remains a secret, and nothing goes unacknowledged.

This competitive high school culture, where every activity is cut-throat, with girls pitted against girls, is a product of our society. Our male-dominated culture has taught us that we are constantly competing for the attention o...

October 2, 2017

“When I start to bawl, she says let your teardrops fall. It’s a fired up world – make it all make sense – does it all make sense? Make it all make sense. Sisters never pack up – we always run back, love…pour your heart out – watch your blues turn to gold. Cause it’s a fired up world.”  These lyrics from Lady Gaga’s “Grigio Girls” strike a deep cord within me these days. Stefani (AKA Gaga) wrote this song as a tribute to her late best friend who she lost to cancer only a few months ago. But it is also a moving song about empowerment and female friendship.

The birth of One World Girl is timely. There is an undeniable power when women and girls unite. In a world more seemingly divisive than ever, One World Girl’s mission is to bring girls together. Our mission is to generate good in a world that often doesn’t make sense. There is a force for healing and change when girls share their stories of heartbreak and struggle with one another.  There is creative movement and inspiration when girls...

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