One World Girl is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that unites girls to be changemakers in the world. Through educational programs, community events, scholarships, service projects, global trips and creative endeavors, we work to bring girls together from diverse backgrounds, to learn from one another, share their stories, build leadership gifts and explore ways to address and heal the divisiveness in their communities and the world.

We believe every girl:

Deserves an opportunity to discover her unique self, grow in self-confidence, and embrace life on a deep, authentic level

Has a story that can deepen understanding, break down barriers, build community, and transform lives

Has the power to embrace her leadership gifts, recognize her unique value, and address and heal the divisiveness in our world

Lesley is a producer, spiritual director, workshop leader, educator and writer. Currently, she serves as the educational facilitator and consultant for the RCA Women’s Transformation and Leadership Initiative, creating curriculum and leading events around the country that encourage, equip and empower women to their full leadership potential.  Prior, Lesley worked as Producing Director of Camp Broadway, an award winning children’s theater company, and was a theatrical producer of numerous productions on and off Broadway and in London. Lesley’s greatest passion is engaging people of all ages in thought-provoking, faithful conversations about 21st century challenges to facilitate creative learning, personal exploration, problem-solving and self-expression. To that end, she designs and leads workshops and retreats around the country and writes educational curriculum on a variety of important societal topics. Lesley has a BA from Tufts University, a Certificate of Spiritual Direction from General Theological Seminary and is a member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International). Lesley lives in New York City, loves tennis, musical theatre and spending as much time as possible on Cape Cod.

Lesley Mazzotta, President and Executive Director

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