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The Call to Empower - The Time is Now

“When I start to bawl, she says let your teardrops fall. It’s a fired up world – make it all make sense – does it all make sense? Make it all make sense. Sisters never pack up – we always run back, love…pour your heart out – watch your blues turn to gold. Cause it’s a fired up world.” These lyrics from Lady Gaga’s “Grigio Girls” strike a deep cord within me these days. Stefani (AKA Gaga) wrote this song as a tribute to her late best friend who she lost to cancer only a few months ago. But it is also a moving song about empowerment and female friendship.

The birth of One World Girl is timely. There is an undeniable power when women and girls unite. In a world more seemingly divisive than ever, One World Girl’s mission is to bring girls together. Our mission is to generate good in a world that often doesn’t make sense. There is a force for healing and change when girls share their stories of heartbreak and struggle with one another. There is creative movement and inspiration when girls from different backgrounds and different religious upbringings begin to form friendships and bonds. There is power when girls gather to observe and discuss how our culture’s perception of women prohibits them from living lives of abundance and fulfillment. There is power when girls have compassion for one another. There is power when girls elevate and encourage each other. There is power when girls incite positive change for girls around the globe struggling to live, simply because of their gender. There is power when girls break down stereotypes and overcome antiquated ideas of what it means to be a girl in the world today. When girls unite, change happens. This is the power of One World Girl.

Connecting with World One Girl means having other sisters to help navigate this fired up world together. It means emerging out of our own unique circumstances to better understand someone else’s life and journey. It means beginning a search for authenticity and discovering unlikely friends along the way. It means helping each other from time to time to try and make it make sense. It means helping each other to change the narrative altogether because often times, it shouldn’t make sense. One World Girl celebrates coming together in a world that promotes division. One World Girl celebrates diversity and encourages conversation and connection. When girls unite, change happens. This is the power of One World Girl.

Join us as commit to educating and championing every girl to live her unique life story and become an agent for change in her community and the world. How might you empower another girl today?

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