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Getting to Know Me!

My name is Ashlyn Woo, and I am a rising senior in high school with hopes of majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy and Music in College in Fall 2022. As an intern at One World Girl this summer, I will be learning how to be an empowering leader while also empowering others to become changemakers in the world.. Throughout the next two months, I will be handling social media postings, participating in events, and working on my Take Action community project. Knowing that I am becoming a leader and making a change within my community, I cannot wait to continue to grow with One World Girl.

Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood as an Asian American, I grew to be embarrassed by my culture. At lunchtime, my classmates would laugh and complain about the smell coming from my food. From the things I ate to the way I looked, I was ashamed. However, being able to see women on TV advocating and representing my culture inspired me to do the same. As I grew up, instead of being embarrassed by my heritage, I was proud of it and made it my mission for others to feel the same. Taking on that mission, I was introduced to so many other issues like reproductive rights and issues on gun control. Being a student, woman, and Asian American, I wanted to make a change, but I never knew where to begin.

As a high school student, I haven’t been able to have the freedom of enriching myself with opportunities to make a change. But, I have tried doing my part by researching world issues and speaking up on topics of women and minority rights. As I started joining clubs, I joined a female empowerment club called Girls Learn International in my school and was introduced to One World Girl through a workshop. Not only was I engaging in conversations about women’s rights, but learning about how we can take those issues and change them. Thanks to One World Girl, I finally know where to start my journey on being a changemaker.

With the help of One World Girl, I am creating a community project called BCMC or Be the Change Make a Change, which focuses on providing a platform for those who have undergone discrimination and share their story in hopes to fight off the stigma that surrounds them. BCMC not only provides a platform to share your story but brings the community together for fundraisers around those same issues If you want to know more about BCMC feel free to check out our Instagram@bcmc_longisland.

I might only be 17, but going forward I plan on doing so much more. I know that there are so many young girls out there who hope to do the same so I am going to end with a quote from Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn't be that women are the exception.” Thank you for reading.


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